The initiative for Dealu Mare

Our story and vision

At the end of 2019, 12 well-known and experienced wineries from the Dealu Mare wine region came together around an idea: to deliberately create a higher standard of quality for their production, in order to highlight what is specific to this area.



The first written documents about the existence of the vine culture in this part of the country, date from the 14th and 15th centuries. Foreign records state about the Dealu Mare (The Big Hill) vineyard, that it produced an “oily, strong and long-lasting” wine, much like the best wines produced in other countries.


The founding members established a general framework to promote the highest quality wines which carry the characteristics of the terroir. These are red wines that meet the highest technological standards applicable in Romania in terms of color, extract, acidity, aromatic compounds, and aging capacity.
Romanian grapes

Romanian grapes

In the Dealu Mare viticultural area are allowed 11 Romanian grape varieties: White varieties: Fetească alba, Fetească regală, Tămâioasă românească, Grasa de Cotnari, Crâmpoşie selectionata

Red / pink varieties: Busuioaca de Bohotin, Fetească neagră, Novac, Negru de Drăgăşani, Negru aromat, Băbească neagră.



The founders of the initiative started mutual consultations to identify other aspects that they can improve throughout the region. They plan to collaborate with the authorities to establish a new and improved standard for some of the wines in Dealu Mare, similar to a DOCG.
Members of the association

Participating wineries

14 wineries are currently part of the initiative for Dealu Mare:


Voluntarily undertaken quality requirements

The self-assumed regulation provides for the existence of three categories that can bear the mark of recognition for top wines. All this must:

- have at least 25% of the indigenous Fetească Neagra variety;

- use grapes from plots which were declared and selected in advance, where the age of the plantation is at least seven years;

- come from plots where the production of grapes per hectare has been voluntarily reduced compared to the legal provisions in force;

- be subject to a supervisory and control committee set up by the initiators for this purpose.

DEALU MARE fondatori initiativa
A special graphic sign has also been created that will be placed on the bottles that meet the criteria set by the initiators – it is the discoidal emblem with the word “DM Garantat” written on the top of the disc.





Grape varieties


Liters of wine

Quality assurance

“DM Garantat”

After going through the regular production stages in the vineyard and the cellar, the wines will go through a rigorous process of organoleptic evaluation. This evaluation is carried out transparently by a commission formed by the initiators. ONLY those wines that meet the majority agreement of this professional body receive the right to use the “DM Garantat” certification emblem on the bottles.


For the certification of the three categories of top wines, certain minimum periods of maturation in oak barrels and aging in the bottle are also required, as follows:


Level III


Level II


Level I